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Gold Rate Updates
 1 gm - as on: January 31, 2017
 carrot:  22 K
 INR:  2750
 Dollar:  67.00

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Enter the world of sparkle & class. Alapatt diamond colections offers world class brands of diamond jewellery...

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Gold A gift of Love

P.T.Antony & Sons Alapatt Fashion Jewellery. We enjoy a well-earned reputation among gold consumers in the state. Thanks to the unmatched quality that we produce with each gram of gold. The unmistakable stamp of craftsmanship we etch on each of our designs. Our range of gold ornaments is one of the most envied among even our peers, because of the selection process we use and our panel of fashion experts. The result is a basket of gold and diamond products that can make your hearts flutter, The world go wide-eyed, your friends go green with envy. PT Antony and Sons Alapatt Fashion Jewellery is a name that stands for trust and value for money. We are one of the largest gold merchants in South India. From the time of our inception fifty years back, we continue to remain a name loved and adored by Keralites.

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